Only one EC Residents stands up for Mayfair school children


East Cleveland Ohio – Only one resident has come out to help the children attending Mayfair Elementary School against the tyranny of Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s plan to build a toxic storm water basin next to the school. Residents in EC are afraid to speak up and save the children and are not trying to help, including parents from Mayfair Elementary School.   Ward 2 Councilwoman Barbara Thomas is the only one of the five EC City Council members has stated that she will not vote for any ofRead More

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. throws council under Bus


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Wheeler as President of City Council the entire group found themselves under the tires of a driven by EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. bus.  All captured by a stealth dash and body camera, however the footage like most incidents came up missing. Thank goodness that the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporters are using our idea of including video coverage with their stories and this one is a classic Gary Norton funny flick.  To help the Cleveland Plain Dealer out weRead More

Former EC Mayor, Eric Jonathan Brewer to the rescue

In our campaign to help get Mayor Gary NO to a new job here is a corrected picture.

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Former Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio asks for public records and gets the door slammed in his face by council clerk and council president Thomas Wheeler. It seems that in addition to the Top Secret Meeting and illegal Executive Sessions the city is not going to let any of it’s people know the truth about anything. Here is the email send by former Mayor Eric Brewer who has tried to get public records. EMAIL TO: Khadijah F.Guy, Clerk of EC City Council I’ve not received allRead More

Is there a ONE ? Mayfair Elementary School


EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – Is there one person willing to fight for the children who attend school at Mayfair Elementary School, East Cleveland Ohio? One parent, one adult, willing to protest the Storm Water site from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District next to Mayfair Elementary School. The battle between the East Cleveland Board of Education and East Cleveland City Council is at a stalemate. Under the direction of Thomas Wheeler EC City Council is moving forward on the NEORSD Toxic Site calling it a playground. The Council of Three: JoeiRead More

Strothers vs. Hairston – Fight over Noble Rd. Dump Site


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – This long sought out battle between Cuyahoga County Councilman District 10 – Anthony T. Hairston and 44112NEWS editor Gerald O. Strothers went down Thursday, August 18, 2016 in front of the EC Democratic Club. Hairston bragged about all the good things he has done but forgot about the suffering people on Noble Road who have a toxic dump right in their backyards. “I’m not going to be bullied” according to Hairston who has done nothing to help the people in need on Noble Road otherRead More