“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!” (“Until victory, always!”)


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/1/2016 – An early morning at EC Municipal Court finds Devin Branch about to stand trial for Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s false charge of assault filed by his personal lawyer Willa Hemmes playing the part of Law Director. This made for TV drama got started when little tiny mayor Gary Norton had his clipboard knocked out of his hand by Devin Branch and the two had a school playground style battle with adult tools. Norton called his personal POLICE force and commanded them to goRead More

No Respect for EC Gold Medal Winning Young Boxer from local P.A.L.


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Stories about gangs, robberies and corruption in EC City Hall always make it on the local news but trying to report a good story goes nowhere.  The daily meeting and most stations our press releases that talk about anything bad always tend to make it on the airwaves and that is a sort of good thing for us and others to be able to get those stories out. HOWEVER, the times when a story has a positive subject such as the case with DELANTE “Tiger”Read More

Potty Mouth – George Michael Riley Sr. “The Mayors Friend” (Explicit Language)


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/1/2016 – We captured the foul mouth speaking George Michael Riley Senior and he managed to put on quite a show for everyone to see.   (Explicit Language Warning) Here is the gentleman who conned the entire city of East Cleveland by using a fake name and telling Mayor Gary Norton Jr and the entire city council he was going to transform the old General Electric site into a money making operation. However, George had no money and was on probation owing people around theRead More

Rainy Night Accident coming out of Dollar Store Parking Lot


East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Heavy rain comes down on the last night November 30, 2016 causing this accident requiring the most of the EC public safety forces to respond. Several members in this accident were taken to University Hospital while St. Clair Towing was called to haul the wrecked cars out of the street.

Cassandra McDonald Lays The Law Down on Little Mayor Gary Norton Jr. (In Her Own Words)


Cassandra McDonald‎  November 18 near Cleveland    As someone who also experienced the abuse of power by Mayor Gary Norton, I fully support Devin Branch and his advocacy in helping put Norton on the “recall ballot” this December 6th. As someone who lead a recall last year with many others, I witnessed the fear and overall concern that both petitioners and residents alike shared because of the tyrant behavior of Mr. Norton. This for me has moved far beyond politics. It is evident without consideration or question that characteristically Norton’s behaviorRead More